The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

It is a common misconception in my world that I am a serious guy. Sure, I used be a cop. Sure, I used to carry a gun and stare down the worst of the worst humans ever put on this earth without blinking an eye. It was just a job. So I get it when people believe I carry that “aura” of a cop with me still. I do by the way, but now I can turn it off whenever I feel like it.

It’s all true. Sometimes. Once, at a football game, my daughter Lauren introduced me to one of her male friends who earlier I had seen being real touchy feely with her when they were sitting down watching the game. He put his hand out to say hello and introduced himself. Lauren turned to talk to a friend of hers. I took his hand, held it tight till I caught his attention. He looked at me and lost the smile he had a second earlier. I whispered, “You think you’re being cute with my daughter?” He turned red. He was about to answer when I said, “I saw you”. The next words out of his mouth were “I need to go pee”. I said, “Yeah, you do. Go.”  He ran off, trying to shake out the numbness in his right hand. Next time I checked he wasn’t sitting next to my daughter anymore at the game. Okay, maybe I over do it just a little bit. Sometimes it’s fun.

But my life isn’t just that. I write what I know, and sure, most of what I know is not nice. The crap I saw during my time as a cop assured that I wouldn’t see the best in people. It was just the opposite. So when I write that is what you see. Most of my stories are not nice ones. They don’t end well.

But ugly stories aren’t all that I am. There was life before being a cop and much more life afterwards. And even a bit of normal stuff in between. There is some lol in my life. If you’ve read “Blonde Moments” you know that already. There are good things to write about. There are good stories both within and around the life I have. Believe it or not I can write something that does not involve someone being murdered. True story.

So for all those stories that don’t belong anywhere else, and would not tempt the Joker to say “why so serious?”, I start this series. Just things to write for the sake of writing. A lighter side of things in my life. Silly things. Bloggish things. My thoughts on life, love, reading, time-travel, movies, pizza, politics, Chick-fil-A, and my unrequited love for the girl in the Latuda commercial. She’s depressed. She needs me. I want to save her.

If you stick around read about 70’s music one day and Eminem the next. Old and new movies. Expensive steak and the Q-Taco with bacon served at the convenience store at the corner are all on the menu here. Two for a dollar burritos will play a big part of the story too. Pretty much anything that will make me forget that people are dumb enough to vote for someone like DT.

Hope you stick around for a bit. By the way, if you are under 30 you might not understand a damn thing I am saying. But stick around anyway. You just might learn something, or at least, finally understand what your mom and dad were talking about.

Maybe we can find solve the mystery of the missing lol together…

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