Yay Christmas!

Yay Christmas! What happens when you tell everyone that they need to shut up all year long, so that you can concentrate on writing? Do they shut up? No, of course not. But, if they are the coolest people ever, they get you the BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones for Christmas.


That’s me listening to “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione


And it’s not just because you’ve nearly accidently knocked a box of them over in front of every single family member every time you go to Best Buy, or, for that matter, because you have torn out the page and circled them in every single issue of the Fingerhut, Best Buy, or Sears Catalog that comes to the house all year long. And it’s also not because you have bought about 20 cheap earphone sets and used each one of them for one week and, in front of the entire family, thrown them against the wall in a fit of anger and yelled, “God almighty what does someone have to do around here to get some good quality BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones! Dammit to hell!”.

Nope. It’s none of that. The reason they get them for you is because they love you, and, mostly, because they will just never ever shut up. Ever. It’s just not in their DNA. Speaking of DNA, I need to send away for one of those kits because I am quite confident I am not related to any of these people.

I never used to be sensitive to noise. When I worked as a detention officer I used to write reports in the same area where a dozen inmates were screaming and tossing feces at each other (the crazy tank).  As a cop I used to write my police reports in my police car while the guy in my back seat was screaming that he didn’t do it at the top of his lungs or just trying to kick the windows out of the car. Did not bother me one bit. But of course that was years ago. And I was never deaf either like most kids today are. And they are deaf  because of years of abuse from those damn BEATS by DRE. Stupid kids. I mean seriously, the guy is a rapper. You know they are deaf.

But, of course, none of that really matters any more. I have my super duper noise canceling headphones and I can’t hear any of these people walking by me. Which also means I have no excuse. I have to write something awesome now. And I will. I just wish I had a good cup of coffee. It’s hard getting a good cup of coffee at home.  I mean God almighty people! What does a guy have to do around here to get a damn Keurig Hot 2.0 K575 Plus Brewing System in Platinum! Dammit to hell!


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  1. That looks really nice! Someone I know calls them his wife-cancelling headphones but that’s okay. I have my own hubby-canceling headphones, too lol Hope you get some writing done, Robert!

    I used to have one of the first Keurig machines but I donated it a while back and make my coffee from scratch. But at last week’s party, my cousin called me over and asked me to read the instructions to start the Keurig because she said I was younger and didn’t need bifocals (yet) and I read something that said, Brew and Press and so I pressed. We waited. I pressed again and read the words again. Then we waited some more until my younger cousin walked by and turned on the switch on the back of the dang thing to turn it on.

    I think we’re getting old LOL

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    1. Lol. That machine is supposed to make life easier for us old people. I love mine for now. I have found a couple of good coffees. I have the Keurig, a coffee press, and I also buy a coffee singles that you make just like you make tea (they come in tea bag type thing). I don’t like the coffee most regular machines make any more. What I do miss is those coffee machines they had on campus when I was in college. The huge ones that you would put the money in and it would spit out a cup, then a puff a powder, and then hot water. The cups were the Dixie cup kind and had 4 playing cards on the sides and your 5th card on the bottom so you could see what poker hand you got. I haven’t seen one of those machines in a while.

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      1. Wow! They had those coffee vending machines at the school I was teaching at up until last summer! I would purposely go there just to watch the thing make the coffee in those playing card cups but I never knew about the 5th card darn it!

        I have a stovetop moka pot to make coffee, as well as French press, and a coffee maker. I have to get those tea bag type ones, too, just in case although I have a jar of instant coffee I bought from Costco somewhere. For emergencies!

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      2. Let me put things in order for you in case of emergencies. It’s stovetop moka pot, coffee maker, French press, Tea bag types, cyanide pill, and then instant coffee in a jar from Costco. Got it?

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