Books I haven’t finished writing because I am too busy pretending to be a blogger.

I am kidding, of course. I am more than capable of pretending to be a blogger while pretending to write a book. Far be it from me to fail at just one thing at a time. I can fail miserably at several things simultaneously. It’s a gift, really. Don’t misunderstand, I have the “potential” to succeed, but I just refuse to use it. I’ve had this same potential since high school. I am kind of fond of it now. If I used it now I would just miss it later, so I think I will just hold on to it for a while longer.

I have several stories I am working at the moment. Or “works in progress”, as they say in the “biz”. “WIP’s” for you veterans of books that will never leave your laptops.

So, like every other wanna be writer out there who is too busy blogging about writing 15085586_1142104519177422_1750169402871026683_ninstead of writing, I have many projects in the works. Too many, actually. One day I will have to just sit down and finish one. Do the old “beginning, middle, and end” thing to one of them and see what happens. What the worst that could happen?

The first book I aim to not finish soon is a collection of stories about my days as a homicide investigator. I have published one on a website called “Watttpad” (don’t go there) and have written two others off the site. I am working on two more and I think it will be more than enough for a novel length book. The first book The Body got a good reception on the site. It’s about the only case I ever worked in which I had a murder and a possible suspect, but no body. I have done a lot of editing to what is there on the site and even added a couple of chapters to it since then. All the stories in this collection will be homicide cases I’ve actually worked myself and all told exactly how they happened. Names will be changed only to protect the innocent and the utterly stupid.



The second book I am totally not finishing because I am too busy blogging is a book about the dumb things one of my daughters has said since the first day she realized she  could speak. I titled it “Blonde Moments: Life with a teenage blonde daughter”.  I know, too long. Will work it out later. The point is that for years now I have collected almost every crazy thing my daughter Lauren has said and I feel that it is more than enough to write a pretty funny book. I didn’t used to think it was good enough to publish until one day I opened up a copy of Reader’s Digest and found that they had stolen some of my quotes from her book and published them. Hey, if it’s good enough for Reader’s Digest to rip me off, then it’s good enough to publish on my own.


To be very honest I actually had to think about this one before I answered it



According to this screenshot it took me a whole 2 minutes to answer this question. I have no idea why.

The third book I am positively not finishing because I am way too busy blogging is a collection of stories about life as a child living along the border of Mexico in South Texas. Apparently, if you live in a town on a border you can write about it and people will read it with great interest. It’s a “thing” now. I wish I knew that when I was young. I would have told my parents to make my life way more interesting.  This first short story has been accepted for publication in a literary review anthology out of Texas A&M. That’s how I roll.



This one is a short story about a discovery and a chance meeting I made at the beach as a child, and how it affects me still today.


I know what you’re thinking. WOW. Like really, wow, this guy can do it all. True crime murder mysteries, humor, deep and inspirational stories, what can’t he do?

Well,  he can’t finish one damn book, apparently. 

In all seriousness, I am working hard to finish these collections right now. Blogging doesn’t stop my writing, it sometimes helps it. It warms me up to the stories I really want to tell. The ones only I can tell.

And to be totally honest, I wasn’t finishing these projects long before I started blogging, so I can’t blame the blog. If anything, blogging has given me the incentive to push these along. I have other books started, but the ones above are the ones I plan to finish this year and then move along to others.

Someone once asked me what I thought my best story is.  I always answer the same way.

I like them all, but my best one is the one I’ll write tomorrow. 


9 thoughts on “Books I haven’t finished writing because I am too busy pretending to be a blogger.

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  1. Apparently I some point I’ve been to Wattpad. At least that’s what my search history says. Damned if I can remember when or why. Now I’ll have to go back to get The Body. Sounds like that should be a line from the book 😀
    Can’t wait to read them all!

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  2. LOL. I might have to get you in for questioning! Thanks for stopping by, but you will have to wait until I at least finish one (though you can read the rough drafts on Wattpad). – Robert


  3. You have a great voice, and a terrific sense of humor. (Interestingly, many cops do, especially those of us who have worked homicides. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism.) I am looking forward to those books. Excellent blog post to gin up some excitement!

    Oh, question: Did you solve the “no body” case? Those are rarely tried successfully. They are rarely tried at all, because they are rarely filed. Hard work. I had the privilege to work one and we filed it and got it through prelim successfully and then some do-gooder asshole found our remains bleached by the sun in the beautiful mountains 70 miles from my crime scene. The bastard damn neared ruined my case (as there was no evidence of manner of death determined by the remains), and he definitely ruined my chance at stardom; I believe we would have convicted without the body. Suspects (daughter and son-in-law of my victim) are enjoying a protracted stay at the Graybar Inn.

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    1. LOL, thanks. Yes did solve it. It was one of those missing persons cases that just didn’t seem right. Got to know the suspect until I was confident where he might have taken the body. Took him for a ride in the area until he couldn’t handle the pressure and confessed and led us to the body. Luckily I did not have to work it without the body because we had not much on him. He plead out to avoid death penalty. Suspect was family member as in your case. Thanks for stopping by. – Robert

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      1. 2018 was full of surprises and good ones at that… Maybe 2019 will bring other good things too? You know many things, write about the things you know.


  4. Procrastinating at its finest. When I think about doing things that make me nervous, my mind decides to laze around and does a thousand things I was not able to do before, except the one that really needs to be done. During my very recent exams I was in an inspiration frenzy. Exams were worrying me so my subconscious started working extra hard to find inspiration. Now, inspiration seems to be on the down low once again. I think I will have to wait for the next exams…


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