Just one thought for 2019

How can I help?

It’s a simple 4-word question that has the power to change the world of the very person you direct it to. And even though it includes the word “I” in it, it has nothing to do with you. It is about others. It is about everyone else but you.

Way too often people feel they are not doing enough. They don’t know how to help. They don’t know how to fix things. They often try to shoot too high and find a way to make grand impacts on things that in their mind are important, and they lose sight of the little things they can do that have a great impact in this world.

You don’t have to be a public servant or an activist or look for ways to help the most people you possibly can this year. You can just help one. You don’t have to be a police officer or fireman and risk your life for countless others this year. You don’t have to be a millionaire and give your money away. You don’t have to be a writer and touch thousands of souls this year. You don’t have to do any of those things.

All you have to do is find someone, anyone, and ask them “How can I help?”

The person on the street corner sitting on the curb. The lady on the bench outside of the waiting room in a hospital. That old man staring into his coffee outside of the coffee shop. Those young kids who look lost. Those persons that stare at the menus above the counter wondering if they could afford even the cheapest thing on that menu.

They can all be made whole, if even smallest way, if just someone would ask one simple little question and mean it. If someone would just conquer their fear of being a hero and ask the only question that matters. The only question guaranteed to make things better.

Make this the year of “How can I help?” and I promise you will have a big impact on the lives of those around you.

So to all my reader and writer friends I hope 2019 finds you asking the same question I ask all of you now.

How can I help?

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