They give yoga pants a bad name

I walked into a Starbucks today for the first time in forever. Nothing has changed. Why do I do this to myself?

The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

Ladies, I have a question. When did the world run out of pants for women? I mean they still have some right? You know, the kind with buttons, zippers, and pockets? Or were they outlawed and I missed the memo?

I don’t hate yoga pants. I really don’t. I won’t let my daughter wear them but that’s me. I just find it strange that I am pretty sure that every women I have ever seen in yoga pants probably doesn’t do yoga. They just wear the yoga pants. Seriously, what’s wrong with real pants?

There are these 4 ladies that come in to one of the Starbucks I frequent always wearing yoga pants. They are usually together with at the most one of them missing. They are all in their late 20’s or early 30’s, all very pretty, and none of them do yoga (they look too damn stuffy and…

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One thought on “They give yoga pants a bad name

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  1. As good as it was before. Me…I’m in the “#HATEyogapants” camp. Most people who wear them shouldn’t be seen in public in them and some sizes should NEVER be made. Just saying. Heck, I don’t even wear them and I do yoga. 🙏🏼I hope and pray I’ll always have sense enough not to wear something that looks ridiculous even if it’s comfortable.

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