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The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

Sometimes I like to sit
by an old old tree
and ask it what it knows
and if it knows me

Does it know my name
Has it seen me here around
Am I a whisper in its leaves
Before they fall onto the ground

Am I found among its rings
Am I carved along its side
Did I there make my marks
Or is this all too much pride

Does it see everything
Does it record all the pain
does it protect me always
when life brings the rain

Do its leaves tell the wind
all the secrets that I hold
can I hear that conversation
or am I being too bold

Do I owe it anything
for the shade that it gives
or am I deeply in its debt
for the length that I ‘ll live

Does it see my future
did it witness my past
does it…

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Rearview Mirror

Sometime in the late nineties I put together three CD's with some of the best seventies music ever. Nope. Not true. It was the best music collection ever. Everyone who heard it wanted a copy, and I remember making dozens of copies of those CD's for people that asked for them. This was strange to... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Road

Inspiration Road. I don't know why it's called that. It cuts under the expressway in Mission, Texas and leads north through Mission or south towards Mexico. There isn't anything really inspiring about it as far as I can tell. I never really travel the road either. I remember it only as a lonely road with... Continue Reading →

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