Life in the Time of Corona #6 (Ginger Snap Cookies, Pain is relative, Captain No Fish makes it into the 21st century, and Pain is not relative)

Ginger Snaps About a week ago I had gone to our local HEB grocery store to get some things (all essential, trust me). I walked into the bread and pastry aisle to look for some Oreo Double Stuff cookies (okay, I lied about essential) and all the shelves were bare. I walked up and down... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

I lost my son at a Wal-Mart. It was 20 something years back. Don't worry I eventually found him. He's alive and well out there making his mark on the world, and still, so he tells me, making life miserable for his mom. Still though. I lost him once. And I can tell you for... Continue Reading →

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